Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Hey guys! Welcome! I've been slowly teaching myself how to make things over the past two years, and while I may not know it all, I have figured out a lot. I wanted a place to show you guys what I'm working on (because Spencer doesn't care and there's nobody else here) and to also get some feedback and suggestions. Sometimes I get stuck. Perhaps one day I'll show you the graveyard of projects I got stuck on! Just to get things started, I thought I'd show you my son's favorite project so far! On Saturday we were hot and cranky because it was nearly 100 degrees and our power was out. To take our minds off the crankiness we started coloring. Then I realized we could very easily make these:
It was the simplest craft ever, but it sure did make him happy!

Don't worry, I DO do more complicated things than this! It will be more interesting, I promise!

I look forward to all of you guys helping me out along the way and letting me know what you think of what I'm up to over here!