Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Tale Of The Hideous Bathroom And Cabinetless Kitchen

Gather 'round kids, and let me tell you the story of my hideous bathroom.

When my ex and I first moved into this duplex, the bathroom was a disaster. Not only was there Pepto Bismol pink tile EVERYWHERE, but the remaining walls were covered in something far, far worse. Hideous 80s or early 90s wallpaper. When I say hideous, I mean completely hideous. Remember the paint splatter look? It sort of looked like that. It was white with pink, purple, gold, teal and country blue splashes. There were beige splotches, too. The accessories were wooden. Not like a sleek, finished wood. Looked like someone chopped down a tree and sanded a little bit. We had a teal shower curtain rod that fell down every 3rd or 4th time you took a shower. One of the conditions of us moving in was that the landlord promise to fix it.

So you may wonder why I told you this story. I would be wondering, too. No, I didn't redo the bathroom myself, although I got to pick out colors and give them the general idea of what I wanted. I told you this because I chose a beige fabric shower curtain at the time. Since the remodel, I haven't needed it, but being the cheap frugal girl I am, I have held onto it and the crazy shower curtain rod. Keep this in your mind for now.

My kitchen has barely any cupboards and had a huge empty space behind the door to the basement. To combat this problem, I bought a book shelf. It fits in the space perfectly, and strangely doesn't look out of place in my kitchen. It has really bugged me, though, that my little makeshift pantry didn't have a door or anything and that people could just see the shelves. It looks messy and cluttered, even when the rest of the kitchen is not.

I have been living with these two things in my head for 3 years, but the two thoughts never collided until today. I can just hang the old shower curtain and tension rod in front of my shelf! I now feel completely silly. I even have a tie back I can use if I will need in there a lot on a particular day, but since it is mainly just small appliance storage (since the baby food/formula/bottle station isn't there anymore) it really shouldn't be a problem. It's such a simple fix, I'm sort of embarrassed that I didn't think of it sooner!

So, please tell me that you guys have had one of these moments, too!