Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Spencer's Curtains

This is my son's window (I know it looks dirty, it's on the inside of the glass. My landlord is supposed to fix it. Supposed to.) See how it's all naked? It's been like that forever. His dad and I agreed that mini blinds above the crib were a bad idea (strings), but those windows are seriously oddly sized. Nothing fits them.  The options were custom order something or make curtains. I set out to make the curtains. I found really cute fabric for about $2 a yard. I bought it. I pinned it. Then I had a baby and found out just how little time I would have to make curtains! Today I pulled out the partially completed project and, in an effort to sleep after the sun has come up, I got it finished. The fabric was a completely wrinkled mess:
So I had to iron it. Then I had to find where I left off. I don't have a sewing machine, so I found it and stuck my needle in:
And set off to finish the thing up. I stabbed myself numerous times. I even drew blood. However, after a few hours of back stitching my brains out this morning, I FINALLY did it. I finished the curtains. I hung up the curtain rod. Then? I did this:
After I hung them up, I noticed that they are all wrinkled again and an inch or two longer than I wanted them. I can fix that all later, though. For now I am just thrilled that they are actually hanging up. They are by no means fancy, but they fit perfectly in my $5 curtain budget!

Have you guys ever made curtains? Did you have a pattern? I think that may have been a lot easier. How long did it take you?

 Also, does anyone know where I can find a cheap sewing machine?


  1. I have never made curtains but I don't know if I would have the patience to hand sew them! Maybe try craigslist or a yard sale??

    They look good!

  2. I always forget about CL! Lol duh

    Yes, he better appreciate them! Lol. He said, "Ooh mommy that's pretty!" when I put it up. I should have ironed it again before I hung it up, though I think.